Hangin' Around...

I know it is turning into a rare thing in some parts, but I still get the few Christmas cards. I send a few out too :) In the past, my family has just taped Christmas cards to the back of the door. That's when we'd get, I kid you not, around 30 cards each year.

Now the amount is around 10 if we are lucky and I'm the only one that got cards (a whole 2!), but I love them and wanted to display them in a different way.

I took a wall hanging and looped gold rope to it. I attach the cards with clothespins, just plain ones, though I could paint them Christmasy colors.

This lonely card now has a friend hanging with it :)

Today was fun in kinder. Chilly today though, was 25 this morning and we have a high of 45. Kind of unusual for us. So I was layered today!                                                                                                                   

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