Seating in the Class

Seriously I need this weekend to pass! Can you believe it's almost Winter Break? I work 3 days next week too! Two days in kinder and one in first so far.

This weekend is jam packed with good things and a sad thing, a funeral. My friend did pass away.

Funny how Tuesday was  a horrible, rotten, no good day and the last two days have more than made up for it!  People were ecstatic to see me at the school today (my favorite and I haven't been there in weeks) and then I came home and saw Lisa from  A Teacher's Bag of Tricks stopped by and linked my crayon melt splatter art on her blog. So glad she (and others) enjoyed it so much!

A few days ago on 2nd Grade Paradise, Stacy talked about how her kiddos don't always use chairs, but they all have a place to sit if so desired. A few weeks ago I was in a kinder class that had 5 tables, but only 3 had chairs. The fourth one had carpet mats the kids kneeled on and the fifth was on a carpet area that kids kneeled down on.

The kids acted like it was no biggie. It was the first time I had been in a class like this, so it was new to me, but I liked it. I've been in classes where some kids have exercise balls to sit on. And I remember on the news I saw a class that had swinging desks that kids can stand or sit and swing their feet and it shows it helps with learning.  Here is a pic:

These are called Stand-Up Student Desks and can be adjusted for height.

Ah! I did take pics of the classroom, yay me :) 

Apples for snack that day (school provided) and the mats they kneel/sit on.

The desk at the carpet/library.

The library next to the table. A library in the middle of the room, kinda cool!

And be sure to come to my blog tomorrow because I'm hosting day 10 of the 25 days of Christmas and will have freebies and a recipe (I think hehehe).



  1. That would take some getting used to. I can see it being interesting. I have 4 4th grade classes and I could only imagine what they'd do if they saw these desks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love "alternative" seating. I recycled old risers. My students love using them as a table, laying on them lengthwise, etc. We also have exercise balls. About half way down this post is a picture.


  3. Thanks for stopping by Jason :) Yes, it would take some time to get used to and I could see them wanting to play with it. It's cool though!

  4. Thanks for sharing Laurie!

    I remember in 1st grade (odd how I remember random bits) and we had risers too instead of sitting at a carpet. I thought it was fun!

  5. Thanks for linking me up to this. I am so glad to hear others are stepping out of the box and trying new things. I KNOW it has changed my classroom and way of teaching...although IT IS challenging at the beginning when you are used to saying...go to your seat! LOL Now that has turned into "Go to your special spot" I am following you and I look forward to hearing more!!

    2nd Grade Paradise

  6. Thanks Stacy!

    I say if it helps the kids, then I'm all for it! I know there are kids that need to work in different situations so I never mind if they ask to work in a different spot.

    Lol I bet I'd slip up too, with saying go to your seats.

    I'm following you too but I have to go back and grab your button and add it to my Blog Button Boulevard lol :)


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