Friday Freebie

I worked four days this week and boy was it busy but fun!I had two days in the same classroom and turns out the tacher was using me as a bribe to the runner, telling him if he stayed with the other sub in the morning, he could come be with me. Must have worked because I had him in the afternoon lol. I've never been used as a reward before!

We also did a Christmas countdown art project and made red and white paper links and attached them to bells so they can rip off a link each day til Christmas. And of course we had to listen to Christmas music while working on these. The kids were seriously angels for that hour it took them!

Ok I think I need to invest in Adobe so I can make PDF's and keep my cute fonts and pictures. Google Docs is annoying me grrrr.  I was going to have a much more elaborate poem, but instead you get a clean and simple one, which is actually kind of fitting because it's about snowflakes!

Click the snowflake to get the link to the poem!


  1. This is such a cute little poem!! I am sure any class I sub on this week will love it, especially as our Christmas is always so hot!! Snowflakes at Christmas time are such a novelty here. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  2. Glad you like it :) I thought it up in about 10 minutes!


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