Word Wall and Environmental Print Linky Party

As a sub, one of the things that I consider a benefit, is getting to see all these different classrooms. There are some classrooms that make it feel like home because they are so warm and inviting.  There are some similar things that I see in most classrooms, and one of those things is a word wall (or door or cabinet or shelves).

Several classrooms I'm in take their cabinet doors and turn them into word walls. Some take their storage doors and put the word wall there. And in one classroom, the bottom half of her wall is the word wall. I love that it is on kid level !

Another thing a lot of the teachers do is include their kiddos' names on the word wall. When writing stories about friends, they go up and look for their friends' names and they love it!

To make them last, most of the teachers laminate the letters on construction paper and add the words (also laminated) with a piece of tape on  the back.

I also really like environmental print. I often have teachers have me ask kids to write about what they did on the weekend or the night before. And it seems like they've usually gone out to eat or go somewhere and then of course want me to spell it for them. That's where I love environmental print!

In this picture, you can see Subway and Safeway and Walmart. These are all stores in our town. The words in orange are math words, the words in green are science words. I'm not sure the difference between yellow and pink words. And you can also see the kids have their pictures with their name on the word wall. This teacher has it placed on a cabinet. The kids use it ALL the time. They take clipboards for word work and they hover over here. They love seeing themselves up there!

Examples of word walls:

This is from Ms. M's blog! I love how she alternated colors. She also put the words up by grade level and those word are color coded.

I love Miss Foote's word wall ( Chickadee Jubilee blog)
I love that there are pictures with the word!

Then we have Jen from Runde's Room. I love her word wall and how she has the words organized by confusing words, contractions, and commonly misspelled. 

So if you have a word wall, link up!



  1. Your blog is so cute and you have such great ideas! Thank you for stopping my mine! I'm your newest follower!

    First Grade Magic

  2. Thank you Miss T for the sweet award! You are the best! Don't you love looking at all of the different teacher's room decorations?! I am always gazing at the word walls when I have down time. LOL

    Cheers to School

    1. You are welcome Andrea!

      I love snapping pictures and writing down ideas :)

  3. I've nominated you for two awards. Check out the post at http://firstgradefrosting.blogspot.com/2012/03/last-chance-giveaway-awards.html


  4. I loved subbing when I first began teaching for all the great ideas as well.

    I have always wanted to put up a word wall, but just don't have the room. I may have to get creative;) Great blog, I'm your newest follower.


    1. Thanks Corinna!

      Teachers can be pretty ingenious...I've even seen words on the ceiling!

  5. LOVE word walls! I'm always looking for ways to update my own. Thank you for posting this...I love new ideas!
    Mrs. M



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