Lazy Sunday

I feel like it's a lazy Sunday but I've done some stuff. Like worked out and made lunch. That's worth something right? I had an idea last night for a new unit and silly me, forgot to write it down and now I can't remember. *sigh* Does this ever happen to you?

My hope is to complete some new stuff during Spring Break, but we'll see! I'm trying not to freak out, but a pack I was working on won't open and PowerPoint keeps shutting down. *sigh* Man I keep sighing a lot lol. WHEW! Crisis averted and I finished the pack.

Purses have coin amounts on them and students have to put that amount in coins on the purse and then record  what money they used.

I'm also working on another Lily math pack with quarters.  Seriously in love with the Lily graphics and the money graphics, courtesy The 3AM Teacher , Michelle!

Right now with my spring break sale going on, it's only 80 cents! Check it out and other items at my TN store.

I'll give a few away to the first 3 that comment with their e-mails :)  

If you ever want me to create something, let me know! Any ideas, suggestions, feedback, let me know!  Happy Sunday :)


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  1. I always think of ideas in the middle of the night, and if I don't write them down I forget too! :-) Have a great lazy Sunday!!!

  2. I come up with ideas and forget them all the time.
    allyce (at) mac (dot) com

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. Ha! I guess I'm always right on time!! :) the little purses look great!

  4. Super cute! I'm always loving the 3AM Teacher graphics!
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  5. Me again. Make sure you let me know your prize choice :)
    Grade ONEderful

    1. Ok, you may have 2 emails now lol :) Thanks again, I'm so excited!


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