Grumblings and Sweetness

O.M.G. Can we say that I'm soooo glad Monday is over? So I'm in a kinder class and my morning was fine. Then the sub next door and I went to switch kiddos for the day (dual program) and I get the growling kinder class. But first I had to go in the room and tell them to sit down first as they are running around the room. Then they get their backpacks and I said, "Now you can enter the classroom" and they came in.

They sat at the carpet and I had a little chat with them. Asked them what respectful and responsible kinders look like. And they told me. And I asked, "Are you looking like this?" And they said no. So then I took the bit of Whole Class Teaching with the smiley and sad face on the board and the reward they were working towards was a little bit of free time. Sadly, they never got it. I won't go into details, but let's just say I earned my money in full today lol.

Oh how I wish they would have been sweeter. But they weren't. Speaking of sweet, I made a Sweet Math game. Students put numbered jelly beans and/or candy into numbered jars. They have to use +, -, X, or /. It's great for all ages because the little ones can stick to + and - and the older kids can use the X and /.

I include blank jars and candy so you can write your own. And only one page of colored candy since I know many of you are restricted on color :) And there's a record sheet so kiddos write what number sentences they  made. 

This can be found at my TN store. But the first three commenters with their e-mails get it for free! Hope that helps someone elses Monday get better!


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  1. Thanks for visiting Ruby Slippers and following!! Good luck with the giveaway.
    I would love a copy of your sweet math. Looks perfect for my class.
    I'm now following you!

    Grade ONEderful

  2. I love my Kinders but they can be a handful. I am currently also subbing and love the idea of a multi grade game I could bring in. I would love a copy of you sweet math game.
    Mary Ann

  3. Cute!


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