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I had so much fun meeting up with my friend from college! She likes coming down and visiting my friends' farm. At the farm they have animals and they have a huge shop that has fruits, veggies, a bakery, a coffee counter with fudge, and they have homemade jams/syrups/apple cider and other food stuff, and they also sell plants and cute garden/country decor. The place is just so cute! And in the fall they have pumpkins and a corn maze and tons of other fun stuff.

So the first thing we did was head to the animal barn. We said hello to the turkeys, chickens, and roosters. Next were the rabbits. A few weeks ago two babies were born but they're in the store since their momma died. So sad! And then there were the goats and baby goats! So tiny! And a llama. And a sheep. With her baby born just an hour before we got there. So new and tiny!

We headed inside and smelled the fresh apple cider doughnuts just made. But I was good. I bought fresh fruit and veggies. We looked at the beautiful flowers, so bright and cheery. And then my friend who is the daughter of the owners, came in with her 3 day old baby! Oh Mr. Chubbers! Born, he weighed 10 lbs 11 oz!

It's definitely spring for me now. Between all the rain (the last few days), the flowers, babies, and animal babies... that is spring to me.  I was racking my mind for a freebie and decided to make a little poster with a quote about spring.

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