A Day in The Life of a Sub

 So today was a bit abnormal. From morning to afternoon. In case you wanted to know what a day (today was bit crazier than norm) looks like for a sub, here it is.

5:45- Wake up and check some blogs
6:00- Get ready/breakfast
6:30- Phone rings and I actually talk to real human, not computer, so I know it's a late notice call (normally am called by 5:30-6). Rush to get things.
6:50- Discover it "snowed" during the night and whole car is icicle. (very little snow)
6:52-Finally get INTO car through passenger door
7:02- Leave for work (meanwhile laughing at neighbor trying to open car who finally gets it open through passenger door and rocks his whole car.
7:05- Fish tailed a little but corrected
7:07 See a crashed car in a fence
7:09 Fishtailed again
7:12 Finally make it to school (a bit early, but safe!)
7:20 go in and get folder and key
7:25 Discover I'm the 3rd sub this week and they'll have a sub tomorrow too and I'm going off emergency plans
7:40 Ready for kiddos and have day planned
7:55 Kiddos show up and I feel overdressed in slacks and blouse as today was pajama day and no one told me (tho tho thad :( )
8:00 Get ready for specials
8:35 I'm getting ready to go pick up kids and office brings me lessons plans they 'just found'.
8:45 Kids are reading to self (but I have to keep telling them to be quiet)
9:30 Kids go to library to get free book (RIF)
9:40 I read story and they write author's purpose
10:10 Start working on poster for tomorrow's Read Across America assembly. Have to do an idiom. I have list teacher gave and kids choose "Reading books makes us feel over the moon"
10:15- Kiddo spills massive amount of black paint on carpet while painting 'space'
10:20 Room is disaster of paint and paper but all kids working in groups as one
10:50 Clean time!
10:55 Somehow room got cleaned in 5 minutes and we can to lunch
11:00-11:40 PIECE OF HEAVEN Lunch time
11:50 Start working on time and clocks
11:52 I'm chastising 3 boys for using their clocks as spinners
12:10 Now time for math unit
12:20 Kidlet has asked me 10 times how to do math and I've told her 10 times what to do but she keeps not doing it
1:00 Clean up
1:05 ESOL time
1:10 I read story and kiddos write after and draw picture to go with it
1:50 ESOL kiddos go back
1:52 Recess
2:15 Go back in have snack (kiwi today) When finished, read with a buddy
2:32 Clean up
2:37 Kids line up in various spots in the 2nd grade pod
2:40 I lead a line to front and they go to After School, Pick Up
2:42 Head to 2nd grade pod and assist walkers
2:50 Tidying up classroom, write a note, sharpen pencils, try to clean paint spot, and collapse in chair
4:00 Get to go home!

This is our 'snow' we had lol.  
I saw a rainbow on the way home!
Oh and found out from watching the news, this thing I have lasts 3 weeks or so (tomorrow is 3 weeks) and that I'm not the only one. And they're calling it "the crud" lol. AND get this!!!!! They recommend honey and onions!!! I about collapsed in half with laughter! That's what I've been doing. 

Ok, so this is NOT a typical day and not a typical situation, but this happens sometimes. 



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