Wednesday, TTCT, and a New Pack

I have taken my time off for Spring Break and put good use to it! I've been working on units/packs like a madwoman. I finished a counting change one (someone already bought one yay!) and think I finished another coin counting one last night.

Graphics by The 3AM Teacher
Students read the money amount and choose which letter has the correct word amount. I'm pleased that someone bought it already, but my whole store is on sale, so they got it for a steal!

Yesterday I went shopping for my adopted teacher from:

I was getting very emotional shopping. I wanted to buy everything for her! It was fun picking things out, thinking "Oh I hope she would like this!" or "Her kids would love this!"

Some of the loot :) I got some classroom staple like pencils and paper clips. I also got flash cards and all the books in the back are reproducible books for phonics, telling time, writing, and literacy stuff. The Clifford cds up front are spelling and the other is counting, though I know she may not have a computer, she can still use them in the future. I also burnt a cd with all the stuff from my TN store, so she now has a ton of math and literacy unit/games!

And then I thought, this is nice stuff for the classroom and the kids. But SHE needs stuff herself. So I bought:
The little polka dot box, she can put something in. The paisley print is a writing pad. And the photo frame and ribbon, I'm going to make into a post it note holder like the one Vicky from Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After made me in a giveaway:
Isn't it cute (this is zoomed in). She got the idea off of Pinterest somewhere. So I'll take scrapbook paper and ribbon and make the holder. I still might add more to the package, but I'm pretty happy with it so far!

I'm trying not to panic that today's the 1/2 way mark of Spring Break. Though next week there are conferences and rumor from other subs was that Monday and Friday next week cannot be taken off in conjunction with Spring Break or conferences. Really? I don't know. Maybe I'll have 2 weeks off lol.

I'm giving away my Counting Change pack to the first three comments that have e-mail with them.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. OOOh me, pick me! I would love to have more money activities!

  2. Wow... what great timing.
    We are working on money right now!
    BTW... Thank you for visiting my blog and showing support for a newbie. I appreciate it!

    First Upon A Time

    1. That is...
      seemed like maybe there needed to be more space between my name and the email address. :)

    2. Last comment on this thread... promise. We count coins up to a dollar. I just noticed you are giving away counting change. If you would like to give this away to somebody else I think you should. I want it to go to a good home that will make great use of it.

    3. No problem Mike :) I like to help out newbie bloggers because that was me not too long ago! And I sent you a packet :)

    4. Thank you for the packet! Spring break for me now... back to money when we get back.

  3. Looks like fun! Yay for getting PunchTab! =)

    Emily @ Second Grade Silliness

    1. Yes, I figured if you were coming here anyway, why not a little reward :) Enjoy your packet!


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