Organizing, Backing Up, and Late Night Brainstorm

I took my own advice and put a pad of paper and a pen by my bed. Thank goodness I did, because last night watching tv, it was like a trickle of ideas, which eventually ended up as a flood of thoughts. So now that I have all these ideas, I just have to figure out if they will be math, literacy, or both.  Maybe the tv was good for my brainstorming? When do you get your best ideas?

I also took some time to back up my files and freebies that I've won from other teachers and my stuff I've bought. I kept having awful thoughts that if my computer goes out on me, all my stuff is lost. And I couldn't download the stuff fast enough. I recommend backing up your stuff people! I think I need to do this once a week to stay on top of it.

My next step is to back up all the stuff I have made. Same reason as above; if I lose my computer all my stuff will be gone. I also organized some of my downloads and have several folders now and I'll be able to find everything much easier now!

Do you back up your stuff? Flash drive or external hard drive? I have a flash drive (2 actually) and they hold a lot! I got them for Christmas from the parents and I they're 8 GB by Sandisk.
Mine looks very similar to this.

They were on sale, but normally not too bad priced at regular price either. They are worth it anyway, backing up all the stuff!

It was really simple saving stuff to the flash drive. I just right clicked the item, picked "send to" and the flash drive was an option. So I clicked that and zoom! it was on the disk. Simple, quick, and will save me any headaches I might have had if I had lost all my stuff!

Little edit: Someone also reminded me that you could also use Cloud (if you have an Apple account) or Drop Box. Those are both great ideas too :) Here's a link to DropBox.

Bloggy friends...I  can't wait for the week of April 1st on TBA... lots of good stuff will be happening to celebrate TBA's first birthday, so be on the look out :)  If you haven't seen the schedule of events, here they are:
Behind the scenes, best of the best posts, time out Tuesday, a birthday pinning party, classroom birthday link party, and Friday is the gigantic giveaway winner announced ( there are tons of stuff to win by amazing authors!) and also it's Freebie Friday. All sorts of fun stuff going on. So mark your calendars!


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  1. Of course the problem with the flash drives is how easily I lose mine. :(

    1. I have one that has a string attached to it. I try to put mine in the same place.

      I'm trying out Drop Box now to see if I like it.

  2. Oh my corrupted flash drive! I'm still having nightmares and being haunted by all the things I lost on my flash drive when it got a virus on it. So be careful!!! I now use an external drive as well as Dropbox to make sure I have everything. :-)

  3. My flash died on me a week ago! I am thankfully recovering things from a friend and my computer...still not everything was saved. I now have three new flash drives and will be saving and backing up on all of them. It was so painful!

  4. I use Dropbox and LOVE IT! I know my stuff is safe. I can access everything from school, home or my new ipad! :)

  5. I have to agree! Dropbox is a lifesaver. All my files on all my devices all the time. When you save to one, it saves to all the others automatically. I have Dropbox set up on my home computer, school computer, laptops (2), iPad and iPhone. All my files are with me wherever I go and it's free! I highly recommend it in case you can't tell! :)

  6. First and foremost, I admire you for being a substitute teacher! You are lucky to have taught a lot of cute kids. Anyway, it's is important to back up your files, especially if they’re work related. It's good to have a large-capacity storage disk, or you can opt for online systems for storing your data.


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