First Day of Spring Break and a Flower Match Up

Hello bloggy buddies! Isn't it a gloriously sunny beautiful day?  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it's the first day of Spring Break!  I still can't believe it was snowing two days ago!

Last night after work, my mom and I had a little retail therapy :) We are fortunate (maybe unfortunate for my wallet) to live so close the Outlets here in Oregon. It was rated the number one attraction in Oregon (kind of sad considering our natural beauties of the ocean and mountains!)  First store we hit was Coach! And straight to the back where the 50% off clearance stuff is. I left with a purse that ended up being $50! Not shabby one bit! Loved the blue and the snakeskin look on the strap and sides.
Then we went to Guess Accessories but nothing  caught our eye. And we went to Van Heusen where I got a shirt for $5. And to Columbia, where my mom got stuff but I didn't. And then I got a cute shirt at Aeropostale for $5. Finally we went to Wilson Leather, who was having a huge liquidation sale and I got a $100 purse for $26!

I love it! It's got a zipper pocket on the back too.

My mom says that a woman can never have enough purses. She's right! It was good shopping with her and we only bought things on sale. And one of my besties from college wants to meet up sometime during spring break, so excited! We get together a few times a year to catch up, reminisce, and just chat and laugh. We can spend hours together and act like we haven't been separated at all! Don't you love friends like that?

Ok, on to some teaching stuff (guess I could have put percentages on sale stuff to be educational lol). I uploaded a new pack on my TN store. It's noun/verb/adjective flowers and bees. And bees have different words that the students have to move onto the flower that matches that word. So the bee with 'huge' on it would move to the adjective flower.

Bees with signs and bees with stars. 12 words for each category!
A record sheet for kiddos to write down their matches! And only $1!  And I've just put everything in my store on sale...til the 30th! Cheapest thing is 35 cents and the most expensive is $1.20! 

But like always when I upload a new product to my store, I am giving a few away. The first 3 commenters with their e-mails will get this flower match up free!

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  1. I love shopping!! We have some outlets nearby too! I love coach! Congrats on the great buys! My spring break is coming to a sad end :( enjoy!

  2. Whoo-hoo!! Enjoy your Spring Break!

    The Daily Alphabet

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying the sun while it lasts. Supposed to be rain the rest of the time.

  3. These look great! Happy Spring Break to you!!!

  4. oh dang! when I went to your blog it said only 2 comments were made, now when I got into the comment part, I see that I'm number four! Oh well, maybe next time!
    Second In Line

  5. Hey Miss T!
    Thanks for your feedback on my house post! I appreciate it! I am in LOVE with your purse with the bunching and big silver ring on the front. !!!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  6. I really like your new flower/bee matchup. I am your newest follower! Come by and visit me (and follow!) at

    First Class Teacher


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