Odd Stories and a Easter Egg Word Hunt

I had the same kids I had yesterday and they were better. Now, for some odd things that I heard today.
Kiddo 1: I don't want to read with you.
Kiddo 2: Fine, I don't want to read with you!
Kiddo 1: I'm going to read by myself.
Kiddo 2: I'm going to read to my dead baby sister.
Um ok, that kind of frightens me lol. My assistant and I were just looking at each other.

Kiddo 1: He called me a bad name.
Kiddo 2 says nothing.
Assistant: What did he call you.
Kiddo 1: Burro.
Assistant. Well. Um. You aren't a donkey are you?
At this, we all just laughed and the situation was resolved.

The things I hear, so funny!

I uploaded a new center to my TN store. It's an Easter egg synonym/antonym center. Students search for synonyms and/or antonyms. A recording sheet comes with. Here's a peek:

Aren't the graphics fab? Thanks to The 3 AM Teacher (though the bunny and 2 eggs are from elsewhere :) )
This is only $1 in my store! And the next person  first 3 people to comment with their e-mail will get it for free!


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  1. Oh goodness, that is quite scary!!


    The Daily Alphabet

  2. Thank you sooo much for sharing the kid stories!! I think I miss that the most! Your synonym activity is cute & I got it pinned...thanks for the mention, you are sooo sweet!!


    The 3AM


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