Freebie Friday!

So all week I've seen blog posts about their crazy kids and all week mine have been fine. Until today. The class I subbed for was bonkers! And I've been in that 1st grade class before. Thank goodness it was only 1/2 day. Although the office thought it was a whole day and so there was some confusion but she came right after lunch so it's alright!  So I'm with the dozen comments I've seen today about TGIF!!!

After blogging, I'll go grocery shopping and do what I can today because tomorrow I'm helping at my friend's work (we're making flower boxes!), then going to a scrapbooking show (with same friend from her work), then dinner at Joe's Crab Shack the next state over (or up's in Washington) with same said friend and her husband and a few other friends. I've been looking forward to tomorrow all week (and last week lol).

Ok...for the freebie! I subbed in a kinder class a few years ago and I still remember this lesson! I decided to make one myself and share it with you! I read Miss Nelson is Missing! and then the kids had to write down on a paper why they thought their teacher was gone and draw a picture (I was their first substitute ever in kinder). The answers were hilarious! Some said she was sick and drew her in bed, but some said she was in Hawaii, shopping, and one thought she was on the moon!

My pack includes Venn Diagrams comparing Miss Nelson and Viola Swamp, a Venn Diagram comparing Room 207 to the kids' classroom, a writing activity why kids think their teacher is gone, a writing activity about what they would do if Viola Swamp was their substitute, and a wanted poster that kids could write and draw on about their teacher or Miss Nelson.

I drew the teachers too! Pretty good lol. It's free in my TN store so click Viola Swamp to get over there and download your free copy!

Don't forget that my 200 follower giveaway ends this weekend! Still time to enter :)



  1. Cute!! I will file this away for those days I may need to be gone. Thank you!

    Surfin' Through Second

  2. Love this story!! Thanks so much!! I've already downloaded it!!

  3. Sounds like a super fun Saturday! Enjoy!!! :-)

  4. I've had to read that book in for different classes when I subbed- this will be a great resource. Thanks!

    Sparkles, Smiles, and Student Teaching

    1. I need to go buy that book! But most classes I sub for have it so I've lucked out.

  5. Hahaha! I love the Viola Swamp lesson for the sub!!! I also must have missed your blog about a giveaway...that will be my next stop! Looks like you have a busy and fun day planned...we have a plan of cleaning because the kids are going to California for the Spring break...woohoo...gonna get my groove on (in a clean way...I will finish up all these sets I have been working on)...hehehe...


    The 3AM Teacher

  6. What a wonderful unit! I have enjoyed watching you grow as a blogger and a teacher the past six months. :)


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