Rainy Day and a Rainy Day Pack

Most of my Spring Break has been raining. Like pouring down and one day we had wind gusts. *sigh* So it's no wonder that I've been inside most of the time, except to visit with my college buddy and to go grocery shopping.
I've been working on units and packs a lot. My couch is going to get an imprint of my behind getting a lot of use. So of course I rotate from couch to recliner, hahaha! No I am exercising too, so I get off every once in awhile :)

I was inspired by the rain to create a new unit. I think it's pretty cute! It's word families and the rain drops go with the umbrella (3 different word families) and the puddles go with the boots (2 word families) and the clouds go with the sun (2 word families).

7 word families!

It's available at my TN store which today is the last day for my sale!  

The first three that comment and leave their e-mail will get this for free :) Happy Saturday!

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