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Before I get to TOT, I just have to get this off my chest. I totally was not saying in my post yesterday that the flash drive is for everyone. I know that stuff can happen to it too. I was saying that's what works for ME. The main point of my post yesterday was: back up your stuff! Whether it's flashdrive, external hard drive, Drop Box, or any sort of those things, do what works for you !

Now, on to my TOT. I'm taking time out today to celebrate my fur baby. She came into my life 7 years ago in March.
Cats are connoisseurs of comfort. 
James Herriot 

I'm thankful everyday that she adopted me! That she chose my house to come to and that she came to me before a very rough point in my life when I lost my cousin Nicole.

I know I talk about Checkers often, but she brings such joy that I want everyone to get a little joy too! Yesterday I watched her frolic in the sun and chase her tail. Just those little things make me laugh.

The little things like meowing back at me, nudging me, attacking invisible things. Or the looks she gives me.
Way down deep, we're all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them.
Jim Davis

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.

George Eliot 


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  1. How sweet! I love you fur baby!! I've got one of my own as well.

    I completely agree...ALWAYS..back up your files - I have had a computer crash & it can be very devastating...I lost a ton of family and class photos )-; Never again (-;

    Have a great Tuesday!!

    The 3AM Teacher

    1. Thanks Michelle :) I feel better knowing all my hard work is safe.

      Have a great Tuesday too!

  2. Awe she is super cute!! I love pets... they are such sweet, wonderful companions! :)

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