Time Out Tuesday: Stop and Smell the Tulips?

Deep breath! Still having computer problems and I feel like I"m neglecting you all! But thanks for being patient followers (and new followers!)

I got to sub in library today. Something about scanning and books *happy sigh* Hehe :)

A few weekends ago I went to the tulip fields that my friend owns. Let me tell you, when your dad is a police officer (well now retired) you make lots of connections in the community! Anyway, it's a big deal here in the valley in Oregon. And that weekend they had over 26,000 visitors! He made big bucks that weekend lol.

The flowers are AMAZING! I could take a gazillion pictures. And even though I go every year, I always take pictures. Something about stopping and taking the time to enjoy the beauty. Something so simple as a flower, but so beautiful that can stir the heart and soul :) So take some time and stop and smell the roses tulips (or whatever flowers you have nearby!)


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  1. I love tulips! They are my favorite flower! These are just beautiful! (I don't get to see these in FL)Your photos look like postcards :)

    1. Lol Tamara, I guess they do look like postcards.

      Sad thing is they are probably 1/2 way done now and I know the yellow ones were dying as we were there. They extended the festival until this weekend because of the weather making the tulips have a late start.

  2. Thank you for the tulip pictures! I recently fell in love with lupines after ready Miss. Rumphius to my kiddos, only to find out that they can't grow in our area.

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