Time Out Tuesday: Believe

How you see yourself definitely can relate to your self-esteem. I see students who lack self-esteem and have no confidence in themselves. They put themselves down and say they aren't good at this or that. It's theses students that I try to drop praise and encouragement when I can.

I want these students to feel good about themselves. They need to have confidence in themselves. They need this frame work built early on because I know it'll be tougher on them in middle and high school, especially when peer pressure starts appearing.

I love this poster:

Kids shouldn't worry about what others think about them or how they look. It's how they see themselves that should matter.  They need to believe in themselves!

One girl I remember seemed always shy and uncomfortable, but now seems outgoing after joining an afterschool activity.  Self confidence is beautiful!

Quote time!

"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not." Denis Waitley

Love, love, love this quote! Who you are isn't what holds you back from doing things. If you think you're not brave, not smart, etc., then of course you won't succeed because you're being negative. Believe!

"Begin anywhere." John Cage

Love this quote too. Doesn't matter what or when, just start! Whether it's losing weight, joining a new activity, just begin. And of course, believe!

And my last quote, I made it all fancy because I really like it.

How true! Never be someone else because you won't be like them, you'll be second-rate. Be yourself and you'll be first-rate. Believe!!!

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