A Present, a Laugh, and More

Today was a pretty good day in 4th grade. Though during math, a kiddo said he had a question. Thinking it had to do with volume, I said yes. Then this is some of what came out of his mouth:

Why do we have advertisements?
Why is there advertisements for bad stuff?
Why is too much fruit bad for you?
Why did God make sins?

I answered the first three and the last I was about to say to ask at home when a girl answered for him, saying that it's like mistakes, we learn from them. I smiled and continued on helping other students with volume, but kept thinking about how many questions this child had and wondering how many other kids think of these kinds of things.

Anyway, back on track...I got a package in the mail today :D I won a giveaway that Staci at Going Nutty! was having (or part of...can't remember lol).
Look what I got!!!!

Love them! I had to put the little note in the middle :) Mustache!  Hehe :)

Oh and I got kind of bummed yesterday. I went to set up the TN giveaway on my TN store to be part of the 7 days Teacher stuff... well you can only do giveaways every 30 days and I did one when TN re-opened after their make over. *sigh* So I can't do the giveaway, so instead I'll be having a sale on my store. Guess that's win-win for everyone! So starting Saturday, my TN store will be part of the celebration with a sale :)

And I'm getting excited for my giveaway at the end of the month! I've had some great bloggy buddies already saying they'll donate and I'm so excited!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a freebie!

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