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Whew! This week was pack full of sub jobs and my weekend is pack full too! I feel like I haven't had a chance to sit down and breathe at all. Even with blogging, it feels, like I've been slacking but I've managed a few in this week.  I still have to post pics of the tulips...hopefully this weekend I'll post them :)

Alright, so in my kinder class that I was subbing, my math plans were pretty much non existent for a few reasons. One was that I had no idea what lesson they were on. Two, the whole math book is in Spanish. And three, it looked like stuff that they already knew. So I whipped up a few color code worksheets (nothing as spectacular as Kathy's at First Grade a la Carte. My kinders LOVED them. When I was in their class yesterday, they were inquiring about a new one, but we did that frog thing instead lol.

Mine are simple. REALLY simple. As in no sum larger than 10, because it was for kindergarten remember. Maybe one day I'll make them tougher. And they look great thanks to KPM Doodles clip art!
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  1. These are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing. I am going to use these with my son who is in kindergarten.

    Have a fabulous week!



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