Wednesday Tidbits

Slow work week for me! I worked in a 4th grade class Monday, have a 1/2 day in 3rd grade tomorrow, and a full day in my favorite first grade classroom Friday. But I've taken advantage of my two days off. Yesterday I finished gathering all my materials for my mom's Mother's Day present.

My mom doesn't want anything she says, but I cannot not give her anything. I know she's been trying to drink more water lately, so I bought her  a green tumbler with a straw and grip and some of her favorite water flavor packets. I'm going to fill the cup with reasons why I love my mom. Sappy I know, but she'll love it. Plus I got a few of her favorite hard candies.  I also promised her that I'd make her whatever meal she wants :)

Similar to this but green and the cup is tinted green too.

Friday will be the last call for donations for my 1st blogiversary giveaway! I can't wait for it...some great prizes and awesome bloggy people! Like big name people that you know.   I'll reveal them on the 20th, so stay tuned!

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