I had all the intentions of posting yesterday. Truly I did! But I had  good reason(s) not to. With the fire at the HS, the kiddos' prom stuff got burnt and/or damaged. So they have been fixing stuff up because it's this Saturday. I went to my friend's work where she's donating space for the kiddos to work on prom stuff. And I ended up babysitting supervising the high schoolers to make sure they didn't hurt each other lol. I was to be there until their art teacher came. So I guess you could say I was subbing hahaha :)

The news crew was there and filmed live at 6 and then recapped at 8 and I saw myself on tv pointing. So it looked like I was directing and doing something important. Instead of standing around which I was mostly doing. Except when the kiddos didn't know how to work an overhead projecter and Ms. T had to show the darlings how. They're tracing images on plywood from prom props.

See the camera guy? He was nice. The reporter was gathering his notes.

Yesterday in kinder was MUCH better than Monday. No dead birds. Or cupcakes. Or wrong switching of kids. Oh and that mother I told you about? She knew I was subbing again and kept her kid home...because I'm so mean *sigh* I know it shouldn't bother me at all, but really, me....mean? That just irks me. If she thinks I'm mean, well then I don't know what she'll think of people that are actually mean.

The teacher I subbed for needed me for 1/2 day today and they were good. They practiced for their talent show tomorrow and it's cute! I'll talk more about it tomorrow, with my freebie. Hopefully. Because my internet/computer is acting up again and that's no bueno, especially with my big giveaway starting next week. Stay tuned for Sunday for more info!  I'm super excited about it and tons of great stuff to win! And amazing authors who've donated :)
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