Monday Madness

What a Monday! Probably my craziest in a long time. First the sub next door took both classes without telling me so I went to pick up mine, and no kids. Then I get back to the class and he took the wrong kids!

Then I found out specials in the afternoon was switched to the morning because of an assembly for 1st, 3rd, and 4th (PBIS thing). So my kinders were all confused and switched. Then the office called and a parent in the afternoon class wanted to bring in a cake or cupcakes for their kiddo (who ended up being super naughty and totally didn't deserve the party) and what time. I said cupcakes please and around 2 or after (we let out at 2:35).

We switched classes and the kids were whiny! About everything! And I took them out to recess before the cupcake party and when came back in to clean up and I hear a scream from a girl and she said, "*Bella has a baby bird in her hands!!!"

I whip around and see Bella with a DEAD baby bird dangling from her fingertips. A. Dead. Baby. Bird. In the class. I order her to put it in the garbage as I'm certainly not touching it or having her put it back outside. And then ordered her to wash her hands in the bathroom. Then the kids wanted to see the dead baby bird and I moved the garbage into the hall. Then of course the mom chooses that moment to come in with cupcakes and they swarmed  the table and I rang a bell and they froze and I barked out to sit 4 at a table and everyone gets a cupcake, doesn't matter what color or what number( they were pool table balls! Not very appropriate for kinder right?). They were done in after that, sugar high with frosting smeared from nose to chin and giggling like hyenas.

Oh but my day wasn't over yet. I was talking to a girl about her poor behavior choices today. She nods her head. I tell her that I'm reporting it to her teacher. She nods her head. Grandma comes in to pick her up. And she nods her head bawls her head off. And won't tell her grandma what's wrong. And I get glared at. And the girl sobs and says a few words and the grandma grabs her arm and drags her down the hall and I hear the word "principal". Now I'm not worried. I've done nothing wrong but talk to the girl and inform her that her behavior is not accpetable and that I will report it to her teacher. Apparently she's dramatic. I don't even think they went to the principal either. I'm back in that class Wednesday.

*sigh* That was my day. And then I see on the news that the 3 15  year-olds that set the fire have been ordered to try as adults. And our community has banded together and we've got money coming in...prom is this Saturday for the poor kiddos. Seniors get to come back next week (school is cancelled for all this week in high school) and grades 9-11, we don't know.

Here's hoping the rest of the week is better! And that your Monday was less chaotic than mine :)
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  1. Oh. My. Word. What a day!! I hope you have a nice glass of wine and relax now that it's over. I hope the rest of the week is calm with no surprises!
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. You poor thing! Hope the rest of your week goes much smoother!

  3. Oh my goodness and I thought my day was bad. Things ended on a good note for me, but began with me wanting to go back home and get back into bed. I am not going to complain now after hearing about yours. I would have freaked with the dead baby bird. I am sorry you had such a poor day :( I hope that tomorrow and especially Wednesday is much better for you.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

    1. Lol yeah, I wanted my bed after the first 1/2 hour! Hehe :) I'm thinking the rest of the week will be better!

  4. Im pretty sure this qualifies as the WORST MONDAY EVER!!!!


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