Happy Monday and Make a Difference Monday

The sun is shining, my kids were relatively good, my weekend was great, and there was a salsa competition at school today and I got to help vote. I'm talking food salsa, not dance salsa. I got to taste 12 different salsas! And let me tell you, these were the best salsas I've EVER had. Yum! And the one I wanted to win won two movie tickets :)

This weekend was fantastic! Sun and friends...ahh. Oh and I have to show you a picture! My friend told me to come early so I could my other friend's baby before the rest of the party showed up. PRECIOUS!

They thrust him in my arms. I didn't have a chance to take off my purse!

I mean who cannot love this face?!?!?

Brycen was passed from person to person the whole time. I got him twice! Lol :).

I also saw that I was nominated again for most fascinating blog of 2012. Very cool!

Ok, on to the Make a Difference part. I'm linking up to the Make a Difference linky party.This month's theme is respect. Which is funny because I was just thinking about respect lately.  There are many things one can respect: yourself, each other, nature, animals, etc.

At one school, the students actually open the doors all the time for the teachers. Not at any of the other schools. You can show respect to nature by picking up litter, recycling, or many other ways. Respect animals by giving them love and kindness. Respect yourself by loving yourself and taking care of yourself. 

A classic book about respect I remember is with the Bernenstain Bears.

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up. For being a children's author and a teacher for 12 years, I had never heard of this book. I appreciate you taking the time to share your input in teaching respect! Maria

  2. That's one of my favorite books. Come check out my All Time favorite read alouds. You may even be able to win a bag full of my favorite books.

  3. What a cute baby! I just found out my sis-in-law is having twins!! I can't wait!!

    Congrats on the nomination.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach


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