Freebie Friday, a Find, and a Fire

Today was scary. My kids were in specials when I smelled a fire and heard sirens. I looked outside the classroom and saw what I believed to be the high school on fire. I hopped on my phone and my friends said there was a 3 alarm fire at the high school. I went online and it was then upgraded to 4 alarm. Amazingly, everyone got out and no one was hurt.  The roof caved in and they'll be shut down all next week. The kids evacuated to a health center nearby and parents picked them up from there.

Cause of the fire? A kid setting hand sanitizer on fire and trying to put it out with paper towels. I got a text from my mom telling me two family friends were in that class but safe and sound. And then my firsties came in and wanted to know why there were 5 helicopters hovering over our school and why they smelled smoke and heard sirens. I told them that everyone was ok and there was a fire but that they could find out more info by watching the news. Apparently some teacher told their kids every single detail, including the hand sanitizer bit. My kids knew something was wrong but I figured they only needed the very basics. Sure enough, they were satisfied and calm after that.

Oh and today for Teacher Appreciation was a little luau. The staff lounge was transformed Monday but today was all decked out.

The grand entrance (I thought it was Spongebob at first!)

The decor. And the assistant serving us dressed up :)

The was actually a potato bar but also fresh fruit.

Ok, on to my find. I found it at the Dollar Tree and even my cashier commented on them!

journey of a substitute teacher

Flowers, whales, and monkeys! 40 count for each and they come in cute little bags.

120 erasers for $3! I figured I could use them for gifts or something, but I'll hold onto them for manipulatives for math. So then I thought... sorting mats! I created a few that I thought that you could use. Maybe laminate them for future use? They're simple but useful and free!

Pick them up for FREE at my shop.  
Here's an example!


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