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I'm going to my friend's house tonight for a celebration of her living room remodel. I decided to bake something to bring over since it's at 7, so not really a dinner but snacks and munchies. They usually expect me to bring baked goods, so I don't want to disappoint!

I tried out a new recipe but improvised several times. It's supposed to be chocolate walnut biscotti but I used pecans (still tastes good!). And I was supposed to roll into logs and then cut but instead I did little scoops and then flattened 1/2 way through baking. They still look good!

I don't think it matters how they look, just the taste! Lol.

But I was struggling keeping my recipe book open and then I remembered something I saw on Pinterest, I'm pretty sure.
Oh I found it! Definitely want to give credit where credit is due :)

From Pinterest (ah ha, it's from Sunny Days in Second Grade too! Lol)

 So I ran to my closet (stayed true to my May Currently and cleaned my closet and I had 2 spare hangers and 2 bags full of clothes to donate).

And I made this:

I love how it just hangs on the microwave! You cold hang it on the cabinet door too if you don't have an overhead microwave.

So easy and simple. But then I had to pretty it up, just a little bit.

I know you've seen it out there and I've talked about it before this week, but today starts the TN celebration!

I'm running a sale at my store the whole week, 20% off :)

And oh my word. You are going to love my giveaway! I keep getting more bloggy buddies donating. And there is some great stuff already. Wish I could enter! There's still time to donate too if you'd like :)

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