Thursday Randomness

My post is a bit of this and that today :)

I worked a 1/2 day and my kids were naughty! They did the ol let's-test-our-sub-and-see-what-her-stand-is especially on the "I need to use the bathroom" kick. They soon found out that I was serious. I may have even heard a muttering of dislike in my direction. But hey, I will not let them get away with it. I talked to their teacher after school and she was happy with what I did. She told me that afternoon class is a tough one.

Look at my weekend weather forecast that I snapped last night. 80's!!!! Woohoo!

Saturday I needed to be nice because I'm helping at my friend's work at her monthly class and we are painting pots with the kiddos. And we put a special spray on them so that they can endure outside weather. Hopefully I get to paint a pot too. I love mine from last year! 

We do this the weekend of/before Mother's Day and the kids get a free plant to put in them too! Speaking of Mother's Day, I got my present for my mom just about finished. I need to make a tag that says: "Drink" up all the reasons why I love you. You can say awww....I know you want to!

The cup filled with reasons, sugar free candy (she does Weight Watchers too), her favorite flavors to put in the cup, and a plant water monitor (goes with the drinking theme) lol. I love the polka dotted gift bag I got at the Dollar Tree ! 

I'll try to think of a freebie for tomorrow...if not, I'll share my Dollar Tree find which is super cute!
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