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I feel so guilty that I didn't post yesterday, especially since it was Time Out Tuesday! But I had a tough class, had a teacher that needed to vent after school, came home a little late, had to get ready for my Tuesday night meeting, then came home around 7 and was starving  and then just wanted to hop into bed and watch my Tuesday night shows (Glee is back on woohoo!) And I got a text that my pregnant friend was having contractions and in the hospital and so baby boy will be here today hopefully *fingers crossed*.

Yesterday I was in a tough 5th grade class that I've been in before. It's tough for a few reasons, but the sheer amount of kids in a portable is a big problem. There was 33 of them but I think they're 'down' to 30. And four were absent and so it was actually a decent size class.

I had a moment of panic when I saw I had to teach a math lesson that I couldn't remember how to do, so during specials I was refreshing like crazy. It was a lesson on fractions, percents, and decimals. People, just let it be known that I do not enjoy fractions. At all. Or percents (though I can figure out a good sale!). I figured out just enough so that I could teach the lesson properly and what do you know, they were getting it! Yay!  Sorry 5th grade peeps, but 5th grade is not the place for me. Stick me in 1st any day!

Then I had to teach adjectives, which I adore the parts of speech, so that was no problem. Then I had to teach about the legislative branch *yawn*. I'm sorry, but that part of learning is boring for me and if I'm bored, most likely the kiddos are too. But the teacher is signed up on this awesome site called Learn 360. Have you heard of it?

I believe the school paid for a subscription but you can get a 30 day free trial. Learn 360 is chock full of videos and of all assorted topics. You can search by Common Core Standards. They also give you the grade level they're appropriate for, which rocks! The teacher told me what she wanted me to show so I typed in legislative branch in the search and looked for the 20 minute video. They tried to make it fun and the kids loved that they put funny clips in the video. It made it more bearable to watch and learn about the legislative branch.  It was called "The Almost Painless Guide to the Legislative Branch."

I was in another class in that school and used that website to show a movie about some other history stuff. Great website! The website shows you places you  can try to  get funding for Learn360 at your school.

I'm not endorsing it, just sharing a great resource that I think could benefit classrooms!
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  1. You are not alone!! I never felt comfortable teaching math when I was a special education teacher for 7th grade!! I felt completely inadequate! I will keep my Language Arts and elementary "everything"...thank you very much!! I am amazed by the abilities of middle school math teachers!!! They def. have their work cut out for them, especially when the curriculum has changed so dramatically! I think the math was CMP or CPM, - can't remember, I try to forget traumatic experiences...LOL!!

    Oh, and another thing, have you ever visited TeacherTube??? It is also amazing and filled with tons of great resources! I love watching the videos teachers come up with to teach creatively in their classrooms...!

    Have a great day!


    The 3AM Teacher

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  2. Thanks for the info, will check it out

  3. I have never seen that site...but had all kinds of horrid flashbacks to an awful portable sub experience with 31 kids, when I was reading this post! Loved your line about sticking you in 1st ... I feel the same way! So glad your got through the day, and I have NO DOUBT that those kiddies would have learnt so much from you, whether you felt they did or not!! Thanks for the info about the site...am off to investigate:) Happy end of the week to you ~ Tina xx


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