Aye Yi Yi!

My Spanish speaking sure hs been brushed up this week! I've been in Spanish classes all week (well technically 2 classes but I have been in 1 the whole time except yesterday). I have no problem saying colors, numbers, walk and sit and now lol :)

Today I had to teach science in Espanol...aye yi yi! Lol. It wasn't really that bad. We talked about caracol which is a snail. We talked about what it looks like, what is has, etc. Then the kiddos wrote a few words (they're kindergartners) and then drew a snail.

However, I did hear a little girl say something that I had to decide whether to laugh or be horrified, but I laughed. She told the boy across from her this:
Little Girl: We could go to my room.
Little Boy: Uh huh.
LG: And go into my bed.
LB: Yeah
LG: And get undressed (at this point, I want to stop her but I'm curious to see what she says next).
LB nods his head.
LG: And then we could dance. (then I figure out dance is well, you know... I bet she walked in on parents 'dancing' and they told her they were 'dancing'.)
LB: Okay.
LG: Or we could just get in bed and keep our clothes on and dance.
LB: Okay.

I can just picture my friend reading the note I left for her on her desk. I'll talk to her about it tomorrow too lol :)

I loved what we did for math though! I copied a picture of a tree, a log, and a pond and I colored it. Then I used ovals that I printed on green paper and they were frogs. Instant math!
Just needed to add faces to the frogs. The kids loved my 'paint' job aka coloring. 

The math equations were the frogs on the log plus the frogs in the pond. I loved what they did!
They were so excited that I hung up their finished products on the white board.

She said she wanted to outline with marker and color in with crayon like me. But her frogs are way cuter than mine!  And great number sentence :)

I was impressed! 

There was even a kiddo that did 6 +6= 12. Pretty good! 

I loved it so much, I just whipped up a very simple one you can download for free.

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