Oh bloggy buddies, it's good to be back in blog land! I felt deprived...behind...lost without my blogs. I was able to hop on a borrowed computer, but it was awful. I noticed on Friday my computer would connect and disconnect, and often at the worst times! Pretty soon it would disconnect after a minute. Looks like it was the router so got a new one. Every once in awhile there is still a hiccup but that is better than not having connection!

I feel like I have so much to share and so little time, I have a meeting soon. *sigh* Ok, so I had a phone call from my friend and she said that she needed me to sub since she had to fly to a family emergency (out of country). I was in her building already but for a different teacher (music). Well the office on Friday said they had scheduled a teacher for Friday/Monday for the Spanish kinder teacher but felt that sub would be better in kinder and that anyone could pop in a video for music lol.

So Friday and yesterday I was in kinder. And today and tomorrow I'm supposed to be in 1st but the teacher was still gone, so I moved into kinder today again. Tomorrow she's back but gone Thursday for a meeting and I'm scheduled for her again. And rumor has it she's gone Friday but I'm a different teacher in the building that day, so we'll see.

No time out Tuesday for me today. I promise I'll have  something to share with you tomorrow and it's regarding Mother's Day :)  Missed you all! Can't wait to share some things I whipped up the last few days with no lesson plans :)

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  1. Sorry you were having computer problems. I hate that! Hope you have a great rest of the week. :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice


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