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Well, I did get called today. For 1/2 day morning for 4th graders I know. What a nice way to ease back into work! The kids were great and worked hard and quiet.

They had me cracking up. One asked me what year I was born and all I had started to say was, "19--" when they cut me off and said, "19?!?!" I laughed because they were born in 2001-02 so they really don't think about before then. Way to make me feel ancient kid!

And then one kid got all excited about the 'new' Titanic movie coming out in 3-D. I laughed and said, " I remember when that came out the first time in theater. And then on vhs video. It was so long, it came on two tapes!" The kids were just staring and one kid said, " You were so lucky to see the movie Ms. T!"

Finally, the last little laugh was when my assistant said something sarcastically  to a kid (who was being sarcastic and a lazy bum)  and another kid mentioned something about sarcasm. A kid in my reading group goes, "What's sarcasm?" I explained it that was how you say something but didn't really mean it. Like, "I'm so thrilled to be taking this test." Kiddo sighs and says, " I want to be sarcastic some day." As he said sarcastic, he did air quotes. Too funny!

They were excited to have me as a sub and sad that I was there just 1/2 a day. One kiddo whispered to me, "You're so popular!" Lol. Speaking of popular...today on TBA is your best/favorite/popular post on your blog.

My most viewed blog post is my post on behavior incentives with Mr. Potato Head and new blogs found here.

The post with a circus bulletin board is also a very popular one. I just saw my Bunny Hop Freebie from yesterday  is my 4th most popular with almost 1, 300 views. Wow.

I don't know which I'd say is my most favorite, though now yesterday's was super fun bunny hopping around!

Well, it's sunny out and I now have 1/2 a day extra to do stuff, so I'm going to take advantage of it. See ya later alligators!

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  1. HA! It's funny how these little ones can make us feel so ... OLD! But the laughs and joking - that's one of the reasons why I LOVE the older grades - wouldn't change it for anything!!!

    Runde's Room

    1. Yeah, I'm 26 (soon to be 27)...young I know, but sometimes they do make me feel 'old'. Lol.

  2. I was a sub for a couple of months before I got my first job...well let's say 25 years ago. I do miss those days of the kids saying the craziest things. I loved every minute of subbing...

    1. They say crazy things and do crazy things. Some days are tough, but most days are rewarding! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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