Happy Earth Day

Argh! That is the sound of frustration due to my router being on the fritz. On my parents' computer for the moment :)

Yesterday I helped with a 5K race and did registration. Then my friend who organized the whole thing informed me I was also going to time the racers. Insert panic and nervousness. Me? Time it? There were some some serious runners here! The rest were casual runners and walkers.

It went well but I dreaded the moments when there came a pack of runners at the same time!

Then I headed out to the Tulip Festival out at a different friend's farm. He forgot to give me a free parking pass (it's $10 people...$10 for parking) so he said to park at his house and walk through the grass field to tulip fields. Yeah ok. The 'grass field' turned out to be  these furrows/rows of grass so it wasn't flat walking grass, you had to watch your step or twist your ankle. No wonder why he grinned when he told me to walk through the grass. I found him at the festival and scolded him and he was just grinning. The flowers are amazing! When my router gets fixed I'll post pictures :)

Today I plan on washing the car in the gorgeous sun, maybe bike riding, and just enjoy the sun. Hopefully I get my router fixed or replaced soon!

Oh and I hope you had a great weekend and also, Happy Earth Day!
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  1. Sounds like a good day in the sun! It was freezing here in Ohio today. Happy Earth Day!

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice


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