Sun, Saturday, Stepping Stones and Some New Blogs

My mind is going a mile a minute about what to write lol. Ok, I was super excited when I opened my TN newsletter in my e-mail and saw one of my products was a featured product! So cool!

My friends had a baby a few days ago. Welcome to the world Brycen! I think he'll be a linebacker with his broad shoulders. 9lbs, 11 oz!

It's sunny today, yay! I had fun with my friends last night but had to be up early today to go help out at my friend's work to make stepping stones.  Our 3 classes were FULL! Definitely the most popular class.  We have tons of stuff they can put on their stones.

Gems and shapes
Broken tile/plates

Look at them all! Kids did great!

I helped make this for Brycen.

stepping stones

That's my stepping stone. I love how simple and elegant it looks.

Time for some new blogs! I'll probably just do a couple and share some tomorrow :O)

First is Brittany at Sweet Seconds. Love the name and how yummy her blog looks. She's got some great stuff!

Next is Mrs. M from  The Daily Cupcake...a Kindergarten Blog. I somehow found and her and I LOVE her leaving spaces poster. I pinned it and it blew out of the water with repins! 

And the last one for today, continuing on with the food theme, lol, is  Debra from The Paisley Apple. I do like paisley so I love her blog decor :) I love the Dr. Seuss stuff she did and she posted pics!

In honor of TN's remodel, I'm doing a TN giveaway. I love that we can do giveaways on TN now! 3 lucky people can win. My giveaway ends tomorrow!

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  1. WOW!! Those stepping stones are gorgeous!! I love them:) (OK that little bubba is pretty gorgeous too!! Congratulations to your friend). Thanks for the introduction to these new blogs...I am off to take a peek and say Hi:) Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! ~ x
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

    1. Thanks Tina! I like pretty designs and this is the third time I've helped this class so I've improved lol. Have a great Sunday!

  2. A 9 pounder!!! That poor mommy!! Mine were both little, and I can't imagine a baby twice the weight....YIKES!!

    Your stone is fantabulous!!! I tried making one a few times and I was too impatient to make it that neat...hehehe

    The 3AM Teacher

    1. Yeah she ended up having Brycen by c-section.

      Another friend a few weeks ago gave birth naturally to a 10 lb, 11 oz baby boy lol.

      I really do love my stepping stone :) Another friend that was helping just kept tsking lol. She said she's not artistic one bit.

  3. Someone made my husband and me a stepping stone like that for our wedding! So cool.

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    1. They're pretty fun to make and you can be so creative! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my blog!! I've been so excited since I found out and of course had to share with my entire family! They don't always get my enthusiasm when it comes to "teacher stuff" but they agreed this was pretty cool. =) Baby Brycen is adorable and I LOVE his name! That's actually one I've not heard before. =)
    Thanks again!


    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

    1. Aw you are welcome :) Same with my family...sometimes they don't understand.

      I love his name too. His family wanted something not mainstream but not too extreme.


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