I Call a Time Out!

Did you like my pictures yesterday? My first wordless post ever and I actually liked it :) The little girl is my cousin's daughter, so she'd be my 2nd cousin Cailyn. She didn't want her picture taken but then posed with the sunglasses. The boy with the basket is also a cousin, the 2 girls on the couch are cousins. And the eggs all over the ground were because we had hidden eggs for the little cousins and then us older cousins (and an aunt) threw eggs at each other :)

Even though I just got tagged the other day...I got tagged again hehe. I call no tag backs! Lol. I'll answer these  and then I swear I'm done with tag! Can we play hide-and-go seek instead?

I was tagged by Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera.

1.       Which do you prefer teaching Reading or Math?
2.       What’s your favorite place for clip art?
Don't forget, I'm a clip art addict! I don't have just one place, but I have a few! 
The 3 AM Teacher, KPM Doodles, and Melonheadz are my main places :)
3.       Do you count spelling tests as a reading or writing grade?
4.       Favorite website for your students?
5.       Point and shoot camera  or DSLR?
Point and shoot since that's all I have :)
6.       Do you arrive to school early or stay late?
I always arrive early to have time to go over sub plans.
7.       Coke or  Pepsi?
8.       Michael’s or Hobby Lobby?
Is it sad to say I've never been to Hobby Lobby? So I have to say Michael's.
9.     What is your favorite read aloud?
I have a new favorite. Double Trouble in Walla Walla.  Fun words to say and it can be a tongue twister, but the kids love it!
10.   Winter Break or Spring Break?
Hmm tough one, but winter since it's longer. 

And I'm breaking all the rules by not posting rules, making more questions, or tagging unless you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged :) 

II've also created two  blog button awards (using The 3AM Teacher's free frame!) for those have been tagged. Feel free to grab one  and add it to your blog!

And I'm super excited because I got my first feedback on my TN store and it was positive! :)


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :) I saw lots of grumblings that tag came back so I figured this might help :)

  2. Oh my gosh - "can we play hide and seek instead"...LOL...that made me giggle like no other I wish I had thought of that. I loved tag when I first entered the blog world because it gave me something to talk about and it helped me get to know others....shoot, if I had all the time in the world I'd still like it...but now, I just plain tuckered and all tagged out. I'm in for a game of hide and seek though!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

    1. Lol :) Tag is fun because we learned a lot...but I feel bad for those that are getting tagged back to back and multiple times lol.

  3. I've got my Tagged Tag up.
    Thanks, Miss T!

    Hide and Seek...
    Hmmmm. I think I've done both today!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Tagged Tag...that's a tongue twister! Lol :)

      I may want to hide after tomorrow ha!

  4. Thanks for the tag award...so cute!...tehehe! I have five tags that I am working into a post...hope this works out okay....

    And YES, I will play hide and seek...I told my husband the same thing on Easter. I said..."you go hide, and when I am ready I will think about finding you" hahaha...He just looked at me and laughed...
    Girls just wanna have fun!!



    The 3AM Teacher

  5. Thanks for playing. Love the tag button. I need it! Have a great week. Check my blog on Thursday. It starts my 5 day giveaway. ALL days are awesome.

  6. Hi Miss T,
    I'm your newest follower! I'm looking forward to reading what you have to offer me. :)


    ♥Teaching Little Apples♥


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