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So I've had this idea floating around for a Mother's Day craft and finally created it! It's a flower that says "Out of all the moms, I picked the best." But I made other templates with aunt and grandma, and a blank one. On the petals, kiddos write why they love their mom, either in sentences or in one word.

I'm going to try out Dropbox's linking thing and see if it works.

If it doesn't work, let me know :) I'll post it on TN then.

My class was well, very naughty. But I had some jewels in the class. A 4th grade teacher needed something and came in and I don't know where all the stuff is but some kids were showing her. She thanked them for being so helpful. One little sweetie told me, "Of course we're helpful, that's what kids do! They help!" Aww precious. And I wish all kids believed that motto!

Kinder the last few days was busy, packed full of learning and I can't wait to be back tomorrow :) Friday we made terrariums and aquariums. We drew pictures of the components to make them. We talked about the plants we put in both. And then we had millipedes and potato bugs to put in and we drew them and touched them. One kid snuggled into me yelling , "La cucaracha! La cucaracha!" I laughed and told him it wasn't  a cockroach. Otherwise I may been out the door! I had to man woman handle the critters and put them in their habitats.

I also created some math stuff for the kiddos they loved and I plan to share them for Freebie Friday.

I"m still having computer issues but it's a little bit better. Alright, I have to go make dinner and catch up on blogs!


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  1. Picked up your freebie!! Thanks!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  2. Oh thanks for letting me know!!! Glad that it works :) My mind is muddled this week lol.


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