More Blogs, Clip Art, a New Unit, and a Question

It's a bit of a random post today!
First, I have some more blogs for you to check out!

Teresa of Confessions of a Teaching Junkie is first. I stumbled on her blog and I so love her Pinterest video. Got to find me some of those dots!

Next is Mr. B from Mr. B's Beach Brains. He just found out he'll be teaching in a teched out classroom. I'm interested in knowing what gadgets he has and what he'll come up with!

Elisabeth from Tales of an Elementary Teacher is next on my list. She's got some great ideas and I love the pics she's shared!  

So those are my newest finds. I'm always on the hunt!

Speaking of hunt, I was looking for a critter for my newest idea on a pack and couldn't find anything that suited my needs. So I decided to try my hand at making clip art. Now I'm no Michelle or KPM Doodles, that's for sure, but I was impressed with myself!

This was my first little guy. I needed a firefly and free handed this :)

A pirate scroll/map...I have pirate stuff in mind in the future.

I have no plans for this little dude yet but I thought he was kind of cute lol. 
Grab them if you want :) When I have more time I'll sit down and draw better things. I think I want to make cartoon people next!

The firefly in question is part of this new unit with parts of speech:
Nouns, verbs, and adjectives

I'm getting impressed with myself with this cover art and preview stuff too. Confidence for sure with how far I've come!

I'm giving this away to the first 3 who comment with their e-mails. It's also at my TN store. 

Lately I've been trying to figure out what people like the most at my store, so I can focus on more of those types of products, but they're kind of scattered.

Ok I'm super stoked that I figured out how to put this form in! Some of you are totally pros at it and are probably giggling at me, but that's ok. Better late than never in joining in this fun!


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  1. Lol, I do not think anyone would be laughing at you, I think you did an awesome job of putting your form on! You will probably get a giggle from my reply :D I LOVE your little firefly and have absolutely no idea how you would even go about making your own clip art!! CLEVER you!! I would love to win one of your parts of speech packs. It is 1.09am here and I can't sleep...maybe lucky for me ;) is my email!!
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Argh... stoopid Blogger! Sorry about my deleted comment :( Thank you so much Miss T!! I can't wait to see your next lot if clip art and I am so excited to use your fabulous 'Parts of Speech' pack with my class!! x
      Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  2. Your clip art looks great! Keep it up!!

  3. I'd love to have this freebie! Hopefully I "publish" in time!! Super CUTE!!

    Stop on by my blog today to enter in my "Totally Terrific Tinkerin' Giveaway!!!" There's lots of prizes!

    Just Tinkerin’ Around

    1. Oops, and my email is:


      Sorry! I didn't follow the directions!! :)

  4. Miss T,

    I've missed everyone too!!! HOW DO YOU DO IT??? Meaning, how do you make the time for blogging almost every day? I haven't figured it out posts and perfecting lesson plans for my TpT store take up hours of my time!

    Right now applications are taking over my life and priority over a lot of things. Argh...are you in the same boat or are you going to continue subbing next school year?? :)

    Thanks for not giving up on my little blog!


    1. Hi Cortney!

      Some weeks I have tons to say and some not so much. Some days that I have a lot to say, I'll create a post and schedule it for the next day or another day.

      Not all the districts have decided yet on teaching some are just now posting job openings and some have more to come. So we'll see...but probably subbing again because of the economy :/

  5. I love Mr. B's Beach Bums! I always check out the new blogs you post!

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog

    1. Aw thanks :) Just trying to spread the bloggy love that I felt when I first started (well I still feel the bloggy love, but you know what I mean lol)


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