Anyone else ever run out of titles for their posts? I feel like I might be repeating myself if I do 'wacky Wednesday" or something like that. So Wednesday it is lol.

Sugar rush? Nope. Sugar crash? Not really. They were surprisingly good. Like I give instructions and they do it the first time good. 4th grade by the way :) They did wonderful in ESOL and in writing for an hour, they were quiet! And math, they were focused! And were sad when it was time for lunch because they wanted to keep going. And math again after lunch, swell! About 2:00 when we did theme/science, a little chatty, but they were still working and I totally took it. I mean school is done at 2:40, we clean up at 2:35, so 35 of chatting but doing science and Ms. T having a massive nosebleed, sure. Yes, massive. Like almost 10 tissues massive. The kids were so sweet and kept going on with their work.

Oh and they did something super fun in math. They had a grid labeled A-K on the bottom and 1-8 on the side. And then G1 had to be green, and A7 was 1/2 black and 1/2 white. Some squares were 4 colors. At the end, the grid made a picture of a pilgrim and a turkey. Kind of random since it was just Valentine's but the kids were ENTHRALLED with it. They noticed that some squares had to be angles or fractions of color. Plus they were doing coordinates.   That may be something I look into doing for a freebie.

Side note...I had to collect permission slips today for permission for kids to do state testing on a Saturday. The school decided that it would be less disruptive and make less schedule scrambling if they tested on a Saturday. Have you ever heard of this? They also told kids that if they come to the Saturday testing, they get popcorn and some other treat. If the kids cannot make it, they have to do testing some other scheduled weekday. I thought this was odd, but understood why they were doing this.

Oh and I saw the cutest Valentine made of 5 hearts to make Clifford!  A heart face, black heart nose, heart in 1/2 for ears, heart chin/mouth, and heart tongue. I took a pic on my iPhone (so in love with my phone!)

Ahhh so cute!


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