Is it Spring Break Yet?

It seems like I was just asking if it was Friday, and now I want it to be Spring Break  lol.Yesterday was bad. I mean pretty bad. And it was only first graders! I guess they had a sub the day before for about 2 hours (the day I did roving, they had a roving sub). And then they were horrible for me. Horrible as in not listening. As in not being quiet. As in I had to stop and wait to teach MANY times. As in they had their heads down on the tables for about 10 minutes because they were that bad. As in 2 kids got 'Uh-oh slips' and sent to the office.

Uh-oh slips are new to their school as they are trying to implement PBIS better. They had way to go slips, now have Uh-oh slips, and are using Learning Earnings as reward now.  The uh-ohs are so new (I think this week?) that not many kids have them. And the kids I gave them to, well it was their second in two days. 3 uh-ohs= a referral. And the teacher told me to threaten them their Valentine's Day party, so you think they'd have been good right? *sigh*

Oh well. I survived. And some staff had pity for me and took me in the staff room and gave me ice cream. Yes, they like me at their school :)

Today was fun. I helped out at my friend's work and helped with her kid activity. Today we built birdfeeders and every kid also got bird food. And if they wanted, sweetheart candy and Starbucks hot cocoa mix leftover from Ladies Night.  I think I had a bit too much of it today lol. And I totally forgot to take pics *sigh*

I am totally excited because I realized that Miss Foote from Chickadee Jubilee is in Oregon too! Somehow I  never realized that. And we're both feeling pretty jealous envious of the other bloggy meet ups. And there really isn't anyone in Oregon blogging that I am aware of...but there is us two! So hopefully we can meet up sometime!

And part of me wants to do another linky party but I'm afraid it'll be a flop ( my last one had just a few link ups :( ) but I will try again next month... I think. :)



  1. Sorry! You have another month to go until spring break but if you are looking for spring weather - head to AZ. The entire family was out today in shorts and t-shirts (its in the 80s).

    So sorry to hear you had such a rough day.

  2. Lol thanks Mrs. Poland :)

    Jealous of the weather! I've been bundled all day and I sense rain in the forecast. I think I want to go back to Hawaii...though Arizona is nice too. I've been to Phoenix :)

  3. Aww, I had the same experience on Friday except it was Grade 8 (no I didn't have them put their heads down, but I was darn close!). The joys of being a sub!


  4. Yikes Amy! Lol. Yeah I subbed for middle school my first year and did not enjoy it so I stick to the little ones :)

  5. I also prefer the little ones as well. I always find those calls easier. But right now I teach K-12 because I live in a small town it is the only way I work enough. At least it makes everyday interesting... tehe.



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