Snow, Sun, and Sniffles Saturday

It was raining. Then there was snow mixed in. Then sun. Yep, Oregon weather is nutso! That darn cold I had is now at week 2 and the cough started a few days ago. My Oma in Germany (Oma means grandma) told  my mom to tell me that I need to boil potatoes, mash them and put them on my chest. Um yeah...ok. Then she said something about cooking onions and honey for 12 hours and I take a teaspoon full. Again, um yeah ok. I still remember one time in middle school I had a really high fever and my Oma told my mom to put raw eggs mixed with stuff and put it on my soles of my feet and wrap it in plastic wrap and a towel. Somehow, it did bring my fever down. Do you use home remedies like this? Or is it just my Oma? Lol :)

I saw this cute bulletin board at one of the schools I subbed for. Same school that had the circus theme. Well the city has having this hug reading contest for February. They started it last year. The whole city and all the schools are trying 5 million pages. So the schools are trying to promote it and one school made this adorable bulletin board.

Each cookie stands for 5,000 pages

Each grade gets their own cookie

Cookie Monster has a huge cookie jar and cookies.
As you can tell from the cookie jar, kindergarten has read a ton! Cookie Monster is mad out of cotton balls that have been painted blue.

Also teaching related, is the Pinterest talk. Apparently in the fine print, you are saying that the photos you pin are yours. Laura Candler talks about it on her blog and I am linking up to it, in the linky party giving permission to pin any of my stuff (blog, things I created on Pinterest, or my TN store) :)



  1. Call me strange, but I totally think you should listen to your Oma. Seriously, they always know best. Always.

    Feel better!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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