Dr. Seuss TBA Giveaway and more!

If you love Dr. Seuss as much as you do (I know Jen does!) you'll love this week on TBA. It's Dr. Seuss week!!! And today starts off with a BIG giveaway. There are 19 sponsors giving stuff away and I'm one of them! You have until Friday to enter :) Plus all week is Seuss-tastic good stuff!

Don't forget to link up any behavior/classroom management stuff in my linky party! Restore my faith in hosting linky parties people! Lol :)

And finally, Heather over at Heather's Heart is looking for 50 new followers. And she'll donate $1 for every one of those new followers to a shelter. So if you aren't following her already, you should! She has cute freebies and is soooo sweet!

So that's it folks! A big giveaway, a linky party, and some new followers for Heather :)

I almost forgot to say we had excitement at the baby shower. I was getting out of the car when I saw one of my cop friends. I waved hi until I saw he had his taser out and then was shouting behind the fence of where my friend was holding my other friend's baby shower. Then I heard sirens and a mention of a police dog. I booked it into my friend's house and told her to lock all the doors. So she did. And we saw cops, several of them. And walking behind my friend's house. Turns out there was a break in next door and two people ran and ditched bags. In the end, the bags and both people were found. Heartbreakingly, they had stolen a wedding ring from a man and it was his wife's who had just passed away. Glad they caught the bad guys! Entertaining for us being in lock down though hahaha :)


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    1. Hehe :) I went over to look but found out I was already a follower of your blog :) Thanks for stopping by!


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