Kids Are So Funny!

So yesterday was back to the real world for me and I subbed. Can I say how much I miss Hawaii? Although they have rain right now and I have rain but at least their rain is usually warm? *sigh*

I was teased  the minute I stepped in the building. "Go back to Hawaii brown face!" or  "No one should have a tan in February, especially in Oregon!" and " You are life and I am death" (she is very pale lol) and "Thbbbbbt" (a fore mentioned pale person sticking her tongue at me through out the day lol). They were all happy for me but jealous too.

I subbed in a bilingual first grade class and it was my second time in that class. I read over the sub plans and saw that at the very top with a star next to it, I was going to have a new student. And she knew the name and everything and wrote. Said new girl talked to me (in a quiet voice, but still in English) and said her name. But it wasn't the name the teacher told me. It was completely different. So I asked her again. " Is your name *Amanda?"  Nod of head. "But you go by *Savannah?" Nods head. Okay.... both names end in 'a' so I don't think that would even be a middle name because that wouldn't flow, but ok hey, she wants to go by Savannah, sure. I buddied her up with someone in the class and they chattered away.

One girl smiled at me and said, "Yay it's a girl!" and realized she meant "Yay, I'm glad  it's a female sub." And then I noticed an odd phenomenon happening it that class. I know most of there names. I know what kids are NOT in that class. *Eileen wrote Brittani on her paper. There is no Brittani in that class. I squat down next to her. "Um Eileen, why did you write Brittani on your paper?"  "That's what my daddy calls me now." Yeah sure he does....and two weeks ago when I was in your class, you were still Eileen. "Ok, but your teacher isn't going to know who's paper this is when she looks at it." Furious glare at me, a sigh, and then she erased Brittani.

I continue walking around and noticed that * Jacqueline wrote Mia on her paper. Um ok. And then I saw that *Sarah wrote Aria on her paper. What. Is. Going. On? Why are the kiddos writing different names? They are too young to pull a trick like that on the sub aren't they? Don't they realize I know who is who? Then it struck me. The new girl. Because she goes by a different name, they think they have too. Sheesh.

Another random saying "Are you an adult?" Why yes I am. Thank you for noticing!

And the final funny thing. I noticed that I would have just a little bit of extra time (dreaded moment of subs and teachers) and I printed off a worksheet (subtraction) that had a blank heart in the corner. I ran off copies during specials and was all prepared. The kiddos loved it and I said that when they finish, they could color the heart however they wanted. Pure joy. One girl came up to me and said she was going to draw an arrow through the heart. And proceeded to tell me, "Sometimes I feel like an arrow has gone through my heart." And she walked off. Dramatic...and from a first grader! Lol.

Today I sub in the afternoon for a different first that I've been in many times, so it'll be fine. I get to work 11-3 and 1/2 hour of that is lunch lol. I show up, go over lessons and then it's lunch. It's only 1/2 hour because today is late start, so the schedule is shifted around. Normally it's about 40 minutes.


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