Sunny Sunday and Cricut Crafts

The sun is shining, yay! The plan for today is...nothing. Though my room does need a good cleaning, especially after unpacking from the trip. I'm also working on two freebies (yay!) for March and are Seuss related. One is almost done and the other is done! I feel like I'm ahead of the game woohoo!

Now I have some really sweet friends. I mean REALLY sweet. And one of them went and bought me something for my Cricut! Just because and also because she knew I was looking for this:

And the one she bought was sparkly...does she know me or what?

I am so excited about this! Now I can get rid of my Cricut cases if  I want and can be more organized! Hmm maybe that's what I'll do today, work on Cricut stuff. I think I mentioned this before, but  my friend is having a baby shower next week and I want to make a canvas or photo frame for her and it will have different sayings like "tiny toes", "mommy's boy" and other cute baby stuff like that.
I picked most of the same words. I also made a heart and star too.

And in following suit I joined Kindergarten Lifestyle's linky party:



  1. Don't get rid of those Cricut cases. Repurpose them for window boxes, portable mini games...endless and priceless.

  2. :) Thanks! I don't think I could get rid of them anyway, because part of me would regret getting rid of them!

  3. yep...and don't forget pen and marker marks..... :0)
    Thanks for joining my linky party - too fun!! I follow you now!

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  4. Yep. And your nicest outfits always manage to get marker stains. Boo.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  5. AH markers! I have a nice shirt that has a nice blue pen/marker line :( Boo!

  6. Can you tell me who makes that container for the cricut storage. It looks awesome!!!! I've almost stopped wearing solid shirts, so that the pen marks don't show anymore.

  7. Deb, the case my friend got me said limited edition but I think it's just because it's sparkly. I've seen clear ones like that before. It's called Artbin Electronic Cartridge Satchel.I've seen one at Michael's and she got it at Jo-ann's Fabric.

  8. omgosh - I haven't been getting your posts! my google reader just showed like TWELVE of your posts unread...I swear my GR is wacko!!
    We just sold our Cricut...and we're getting a CAMEO!!!! woohoo!! I'm so excited! :)

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron


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