It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...Tomatoes?

Ohhhh today. *sigh* Honeymoon phase was OVER today lol. They were good for the most part. We did the retelling wheel that I posted yesterday. Writing, reading, calendar, and finally lunch. The morning took forever. We were stuck with each other for 2 hours and 40  minutes, no break until lunch. After lunch was about 40 minutes for math, then specials, then ESOL, then I had 50 minutes left of the day. Afternoon was QUICK.

Well they came back from ESOL and snack was handed out. Today it happened to be cherry tomatoes. All the kids were eating them and then it happened. I saw a red missile  tomato. And then one from the other direction. I had a resource teacher in the room who was talking to me about how one of my kiddos who was fine for me, was acting up for her. So I had a witness of the tomatoes. And she pulled them all (4, because 1 admitted and we didn't know who threw the other, but there were 3 boys so she took them all) and they came back awhile later, heads hanging in shame and handed me cards. Cute apology cards.

Each card had flowers on the front. This one was too cute!

And if you can't read it (but it's pretty good handwriting and she must have given them a form of what to write) it says: Dear Ms. T,
I am sorry for throwing tomatoes to the book shelf. I wll be more respectful.
Sincerely Jacob R.

I forgave them. How could I not? I mean, they drew me flowers. I haven't had flowers from a guy since college! And they were funny again with their sayings. One kiddo at math time was putting together something and stopped and his friend asked why. "I like to do different things. That's just the guy I am!"  There was something else that I was cracking up at but darn it, I forgot what it was. I need to write them down! I did yesterday lol.

So here's to tomorrow being Friday! Hopefully my kinder class tomorrow will be good. I'm in the growling kinder class lol.



  1. How come my students never write me cute cards like that when I catch them "in the act"??? The growling thing must be catching ... my youngest daughter told me she had to sit in the time out chair at her daycare yesterday. When I asked her why, she told me that she growled at her teachers. Grrrrrr... ;)

    Runde's Room

    1. I think I need to create a binder for sorry letters. I got one on Tuesday from a good for being disrespectful.

      Lol @ growling. That kid hasn't growled at me in awhile thank goodness, but we'll see tomorrow!

  2. Haha! You better watch out for those tomatoes! That is just too funny and totally sounds like something my kids would do! Have a great Friday!

    1. Thanks Kelley! It was funny but I couldn't show it, had to be the 'mean' teacher lol. You have a great Friday too!

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