Is It Friday Yet?

I tell ya, it's been a wild/wacky/crazy week!  The kids are bonkers at all the schools and all the teachers are complaining. Today I was a roving sub and generally hop to only 3 classes at this school. Today I hopped 4 times, but between 2 classes. And they assigned me 5th grade...and one of the classes sorta has a reputation (I've been in it before). 32 kids. And I know last year there were several IEPs. Several TAG. It can be chaotic. But they were pretty good for the most part.

Yesterday in first grade I shared some Hawaii pictures and they adored them and even ooh'd and ahh'd, hehe. I wanted them to know where coconuts and pineapples grow. One told me thanks for sharing because he thought pineapples grew in trees and now he knows they are on bushes :) They loved the flowers. And of me swimming with the dolphins.

I have a question, anyone have a Samsung Solstice? I do, have had one for almost 2 years and the last few days it has been shutting off by itself. Not cool, especially when that's how I get my jobs! I researched and found a few forums and people say it's a problem. It's happening to my dad now too (same kind of phone). I can't wait til May when I can switch phones and hopefully *fingers crossed* get an iPhone.

Have to share a few pics of my cat! She's still having separation issues with me and follows me everywhere (even to the bathroom lol) and has to be constantly touching me. See pictures:
This is her all curled up. Paws pressed against me. She is OUT!
And then she curled up even closer. I think she looks like a heart here :) She is my Valentine!

And thanks bloggy buddies! I was able to help out some kinder teachers today wanting 100 day ideas for Monday. I was able to share what I've seen on here and now are going to create a chart and have kiddos work together to write 100 words they know, make a chart of 100 things, and bring 100 things from home and make a  guessing game about it.

Also thanks bloggy buddies...I have 155 followers! There'll be another giveaway if I get to 200... :)

Tonight I have a Ladies' Night at my friend's hardware store. Chocolate fountain, cleaning supply demo, cooking demo (by her hubby!), guitar'll be fantastic! I get to go help decorate (remember the 100+ hearts I cut out?) and it'll look super cute :)

Oh and I made a cute freebie for be on the lookout!


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