Time Out Tuesday: Animal Love

Today was like 95% better than yesterday! Thank goodness! Kiddos were sooooo happy to have me back in their class (I've been there many times this school year) and they were really good. A few funny things.

I was at the desk during prep time and I looked out the window and saw a kid running. He looked over, saw me , and then started walking. I don't even have to be outside or near the kid and they obey the teacher lol! And then in the hall, a kinder class walked by and I waved and one shouted, " Hi Mr. T!" Oh goodness. I am not Mr. T. I look nothing like him and I don't say "Pity the fool!" Lol.  And then at writing, a kiddo asked me, "Ms. T, how do you spell DSI?" Um, kiddo, you just spelled it!

Ok, today's TOT (time out Tuesday) topic is animal love. I know I love me some fur babies! I have one, Checkers. After a tough day, she is there to greet me and give me some loving.  And she adores pestering helping me blog. Evidence from yesterday!

Licking while I try to type (that's marker on my hand, not a cut)

Kneading me while I try to type

Looking at me adoringly. Or saying, "Mom, I'm just helping!"

Fur babies can lift our spirits. It's been proven that just petting them for a few minutes can lower your stress! So pet your fur babies! I also love talking about her in class and it helps the kids relate with me. Very helpful especially if it is my first time in the class. Checkers is often a topic for my writing examples in class and the kids love it!

Quick news: My TN store is have a sale for my grand opening. I 3 items on sale and they are now only $0.90!!! Lasts til Saturday!



  1. My word, Mr. T?! haha

    And how adorable is Checkers. Love the name. My cat's just had kittens and we're trying to think of what to call the balls of fluff.

    I'm a new follower, but I've been reading up on your posts for a while (felt like it's now time). Cannot wait to hear more about your stories. They always crack me up xx
    Daydreams of a Student Teacher

    1. Aw thanks Emmy!

      With her little checkered face, it was so fitting!

      I'll hop on over and follow you too ;)

  2. I love it...thanks for the laugh! I really miss that the most about teaching little ones. They are always so funny! Okay & Checkers is adorable! My kitty, Bella is distracting in the same ways...except a little different. She is a little more demanding...hehehe. She will actually lay right on top of anything I am working on...so funny.


    The 3AM Teacher

    1. That must make it hard to make that gorgeous clipart sometimes lol :)


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