Friday Freebie: Contraction Love

Ok I know I've seen several contraction thingies pop up recently, but I don't care, I've been planning one for awhile and by golly I think it's cute! Ok, typing may be a bit weird as I'm still 1/2 asleep...not 6 am yet lol.

Ladies' Night was awesome! Over 100 people and lots of canned food donated! Yay! And of course the chocolate was amazing. Salted caramel mmmmmm. And Starbucks hot cocoa: peppermint, toasted marshmallow, or salted caramel!

Okey dokey, here's the freebie!


P.S: It helps if I change it from 'only me' viewing It's fixed now ;) 



  1. :) Glad you like it! And thanks for commenting...was getting worried there for a moment that no one liked it lol :)

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