What's Eating You?

I always get comments on my two lunch bags that I use. They are both from the company 31 that my friend sells and I got one for free in a contest she had!

This was my first one.

This is what the fabric on my free one is.

Have you ever noticed that everyone kind of checks out what everyone is eating at lunch time? Like you want to see if your food is better or maybe to see who you need to mooch off of? I see it in all the schools I sub at. One day, every one was eating salads. I kid you not. I felt like the odd one out eating a sandwich.

Which leads me to my next thought, I wonder what they think of me eating almost the same thing all the time. I always have Propel or plain water. I have applesauce. I have a granola bar of some sort. I have either popped chips or baked chips. And I usually have a sandwich, flatbread, or wrap of some sort. Every once in awhile I will actually bring something in to microwave. But I feel ike I don't have that much time sometimes, so I want something quick that I don't have to wait for the microwave. There is always a line!

And then I decided...linky party! My first one! And it's going to be "What's in your lunch bag?" Whether it's today or what you usually bring, link up! Let's share what we're eating :)


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