Getting Crafty With It

"Gettin' crafty with it, na-na-na-na-na". Ok in my head it sounds like "Getting Jiggy With It" lol. I cannot wait for Craft Day on the 21st! It's being put on by my friend and you pay a sum and get a table and get your crafting on from 9 am to 9 pm. You get 3 meals, get your crafts done, and hang out with friends. Plus the money that you spent to buy your meals/table goes back to the community.

So I may have whined a little to my friend and she said that I can go for free in exchange for me cooking the three meals. I don't know what I was thinking but I agree and now will be cooking 3 hot meals for at least 10 people *gulp*. I'm sure it'll be fine. I met with Kelly today to go over the menu and about next weekend when I'm in charge of the building with kids thing we have once a month. And now she's offered me the summer market position for her work and I'll man (woman?) the booth like I did one weekend last summer. Except now it'll be more than once. And I get to drive a van (somehow that really excited me lol).

Anyway, I've been going through all my Pinterest crafts and deciding which ones I want to make in between cooking meals and made a list of what crafts I'll make.I love making lists...something about crossing items off is so satisfying! Today I went and bought most of the materials for my crafts.

I plan on making a button bracelet:

All that is needed is thread, elastic, buttons, and a needle.

Button Magnets:

And these felt hearts:

All you need is felt and scissors! Can we say Valentine's Day?

So I bought a ton of crafty stuff today:

Containers so I can be organized (the round one will be for buttons)

I have to decide the color scheme of the bracelet but what doesn't go on will become magnets.

Black/white or blue/green

3 stamps @ $0.97 each. Too cute to not pass up! I think I could make  a poster or maybe slips/bookmarks with this stamp to hand out to kids or something :)

I don't know what I need these for but again, $0.97, I couldn't pass up. If I was in a classroom, I'd say word work. Right now I could use them for cards.

And of course some ink to go with the stamps, also $0.97.

Oh I got all this at Walmart :) I just went to the craft section for some and the scrapbooking area for the stamps and rummaged around the clearance bin. I really can't wait for the 21st. And definitely will be posting my creations :)


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