Monday Madness

Well ok, it wasn't quite madness, but had bits of madness. I was in 2nd grade today and the teacher next door (also a sub for the day) grabbed my class and I had hers (they are dual kids) and I couldn't figure out why the lessons were talking about the other class but said that they were am. So asked the ladybugs (the others are butterflies) aren't you supposed to be in the other class. My response, "Well the other sub said so." Great, so I run over to the class and claimed my kids lol. So we switched. And then less than 2 hours later was the REAL switching time. And so I got the other kids that I had first again a second time. It was confusing, but the other sub and I were laughing and the kids handled it well.

Plus I got my rental car. And they were 15 minutes late. Seriously? I have a life/schedule too and now dinner is 15 minutes late grr :/ Oh well. What's done is done and I have the car. It's a Nissan Versa and it's pretty cute and it's blue!

Looks like this :

Wish I had that kind of weather!

Oh and how could I forget?!?!?!? I WON a contest. I won $50 to Teacher's Notebook from Learning With Mrs. Parker. How awesome is that?!?!?

And so my teaching topic today is time fillers. As a sub, I often have to come up with some of my own. I like doing crosswords or word searches if I know the kids theme/unit they are on, otherwise I can do generic ones. I also adore Mad Libs and have got the kids hooked on them!

I also play wordman/hangman, 20 questions, and a math game called high-low. Make a T-chart and one side is high , the other low. Pick a number between 1-100 or higher depending on the kiddos. They have to guess what number. For example, 22. If a kid says 50, that goes in the high side, because it's higher than 22. If they say 3, that goes on the low side, because it's too low. Eventually they should have it narrowed way down and they get the answer :) Love that game as a quick time filler and the kids are working with numbers and don't realize it!

I also love, for writing or getting them going in the morning, "If you..." statements. If you lived on the moon... or if you had any job... and then they write what they would do/be in that situation. So for today's freebie (I know it's not  Monday, but I'm crazy like that!) I made a freebie with a list of "If you" and 2 templates for writing. One has dotted lines for the younger ones and the other has just plain lines. Enjoy!

OMG brain fart!!!! Must add link :) Ok now try the pic hahaha :)



  1. Thanks so much! I just graduated with my M.A.T. and am subbing until I can find a job. I can use all the ideas I can get!

  2. No problem! If you need more ideas or have questions, I'd be happy to help :)


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