Hula Hoops and Loop da Loops

Oooooh I am F-AH-REEZING! I was in a loading area at my friends' work for about 3 hours helping kiddos make hula hoops. Well ok actually this time I was the registration lady today lol. We had to have the kiddos' parents fill out waiver slips for safety because sometimes we do use hammers (not today).

I layered but I could have layered more! One of the others running the show with me brought his dog, an English Setter named Jake (sweetheart!) and he and I kept each other warm. Jake kept leaning against me and I leaned into him lol.

So I'm going to share how to make hula hoops because I think that you could totally make these at home! Warning, pics may be blurry to it being my phone and me having numbed and frozen hands :)

Step one: Get a piece of pipe!

Step 2: Fill 'er up with about a 1/2 cup of sand.

Step 3: Heat one end and put the little pluggy connector thing (good thing I don't work there lol) in and heat the other end and secure so you now have a closed hoop.

Step 4: Decorate! We just wrapped duct tape around. We had all colors, plus paint splatter and tie dye.

We had striped designs created and some kids just wanted a solid color. These were our examples for them.

Pretty cheap and pretty fun! Even if I froze my behind off lol. It was worth it to see the smiles on the kiddos faces and laughter as they hula hooped and played with their hoops.

This website sounds like what we did pretty much:

Now I think I'm going to curl up in a blanket, drink some tea, and hop on to Google Reader and catch up on reading blogs :) Happy 3-day weekend everyone!



  1. What a unique idea. Looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  2. What a unique idea. Looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  3. It's a ton of fun. We do a different project once a month and the kids get all the materials, just for $5, plus they get the experience of making it. Next month is bird feeders!

  4. Now this seems like an awesome idea! I have to try this with the kids when it gets warmer.

  5. I know that several parents today were watching very closely and one wants to make these for her daughter's birthday party. This website actually looks identical to what we did:

  6. Hooray for you, Ms. T...
    You braved the cold and the kids had fun... And everyone had something to show for their efforts.
    I'm glad that Jake was there to keep you warm too!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  7. I was VERY thankful for Jake :) Not only did he keep me warm, but he was cute, nice, and the kids adored him. The hoops were so fantastic! They had so much fun decorating. Thanks for stopping by Kim!


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