Thursday Ramblings and an Awesome Website

I seriously feel like this week has slammed into me! Even with MLK day off! Tuesday I had an interesting day with kids I sub for all the time. I think our snow/rain mix was what threw them off. And Wednesday I subbed for a librarian which I absolutely love (maybe I could become and I did a TON of library stuff like covering books, stamping them, and shelving all the classes plus some. I even got to check out books. I love me some scanner! And today, back to crazy class from Tuesday. *whew*

Not sure how I stumbled on this website but I'm glad I did! Foldables and lap books are the 'in' thing right now it looks like, and this website is dedicated to lapbooks for you to print and the kids to cut/fold/make.

Also I was one of four winners at Buzzing With Ms. B's blog and won a Valentine's Day unit of my choice and I went with a graphing set! Love her blog, so go check her out!

That makes 3 giveaways in the last few weeks. Think I should go to Vegas or buy a lottery ticket? It was a nice surprise to come home to today.

And that nomination thing I told you about? Just for being nominated I got a $25 giftcard!

Voting begins January 21st at 12:01 AM (EST). The blog with the most votes by January 26th at 11:59 PM (EST) will win the grand prize, a $200 restaurant gift card. 

PLEASE show your support & VOTE

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AND one more blog button! Thanks sooooo much for the input ladies :) It really helped. And then I got the most awesome e-mail from Leslie who could tell I was struggling there and she made me one. Love ya girl!




  1. Love the ideas for foldables and lapbooks on Homeschoolshare... I use it frequently!

  2. This is awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. GREAT button!!! (It's exactly how I envisioned it). If it's any consolation ... I'm SO ready for this week to be over - tomorrow CANNOT come fast enough!

  4. Yes Jen! It's how you were describing it :)

    And yes, it needs to be tomorrow lol. Although the next two days are crazy, it'll be fun :)

  5. Love your button and love Leslie! Almost to 100- go, go, go!!!

  6. Lol yes I love Leslie and the button!

    ACK! 3 away!!! I think I'll have it by tomorrow *fingers crossed*

  7. Love your new button!! Thank you so much for your lovely are just the sweetest! Will be sure to vote, come 21st Jan...GOOD LUCK. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead:)

    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  8. Hey! Your new button is super cute and thanks for the shoutout!!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  9. Hi Tina! Glad to see you around again :) Have a great weekend!


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